Welcome to our family of fine patients, and thank you for selecting us as your personal dental care team.  We will always strive to make your relationship with us as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

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Responsible, professional dental care relies on providing a firm foundation on which we can base recommendations for your dental health, therefore, your first visit with us will include a thorough examination and any necessary digital images that will aid us in giving you the finest dental care possible.  Feel assured that we will only recommend the minimal diagnostic aids needed and that we take every precaution possible to provide a safe treatment environment.

Dental health is not a one-time affair; a plan of preventive dentistry is the most important service we have to offer.  Your periodic oral examinations are scheduled on a customized regular basis to give you the maximum opportunity for long-term dental health.  Keeping your own natural teeth throughout your lifetime is possible for most, and we will show you how to reach that goal.

Our goal is for you to be happy with our office and completely satisfied in feeling that we are unconditionally committed to making you feel special.  A misunderstanding can be an obstacle to forming this relationship, so we ask you that if at any time you have a question or are unhappy about any treatment, fee, or service, please discuss it with us promptly and openly.

A long-term, mutually satisfying relationship that gives you the ability to maintain optimum dental health is what we want for you and your family and for our own satisfaction.  Thank you again for selecting us; we are looking forward to seeing you!